is designed for measuring of near-bit technological/geophysical parameters while drilling with bottom-hole hydraulic motors as well as for data transmitting by electromagnetic channel to the matrix telemetry system of ZTS-42EM, ZTS-42-KK-type.


Features and Advantages

  • near-bit measurements;
  • effective correction of well drilling practice;
  • improved drilling quality;
  • improved reliability of technological parameters measuring.

NDM-EM above-bit module is used in composition of telemetry system such as for ZTS-42 EM-M and ZTS-42-KK. Combination of measuring parameters is defined by a customer.


Measurements range and error limits:

          zenith angle, degree


          bit revolutions, rpm


axial drilling bit load, kN:


      modul diameter 102 mm


      modul diameter 150 mm


Pressure in a bore-hole space, MPa


GR, microroentgen/h


Specific electric resistance of formation, Ohm

(0.1-100) ±10%

Maximum operating temperature, ºC


Maximum hydrostatic pressure, MPa


Connection thread type

Z-76, Z-117

Tool dimensions, mm:




102, 150


Weight, kg