is designed for oil and gas, coal, ore and hydrogeological wells a diameter of 60-200 mm, max. operating pressure up to 60 MPa, max.operating temperature 120°C.



  • combination of different geophysical methods according to the solving geological problem and customer demands;
  • it can be used for research of directional and horizontal wells;
  • informational, energetic and constructive combination;
  • complex openness for system combination and addition of new transducers on a customer’s demand.

 Special features

  • it has a basic module of relay + gamma log provides tying to depth for each method;
  • program, power, design compatibility of modules;
  • possibility of simultaneous registration of all parameters;
  • software-controlled operating;
  • the wireline digital system of registering and information transmission;
  • high-passability of the complex because due to of controled centralizers, holding down devices and joint connector.


Digital transducers with a diameter of 36 and 48 mm, which realize the following methods:

gamma-ray logging (GK);

spectrometric gamma-ray logging (SGK);

density gamma-gamma ray logging (GGK-P);

selective gamma-gamma ray logging (GGK-S);

litho-density gamma-gamma ray logging (GGK-L);

neutron-gamma ray logging (NGK);

neutron-neutron logging (NNK);

spectral-neutron gamma-ray logging (SNGK);

spectrometric X-ray radiometrical logging (SPPK);

lateral logging (BK);

lateral scanning logging (BK-S);

electromagnetic logging (EMK);

full wave acoustical logging (VAK);

caliper log (KB);

temperature and  resistivity log (TR).

The equipment AKIPS is compatible with any type of programmable stations.

The apparatus can be operated with any conventional wireline, as well as a stiff wireline or coiled tubing installation equipped with a logging cable.

AKIPS complex can be delivered in two modifications:

  • telemetry connecting link module, combined with GR module, to which any of mentioned above modules can be attached from the underside;
  • set of separate downhole tools, which constructively can not be attached.

Delivery completeness:

 Downhole digital modules, controllable centralizers, operating hold-down devices, uncontrollable centralizers, inter-module connectors; facilities for tool calibration, devices for tool servicing, spare parts tools and accessories, certificates, operating manuals, calibration of a primary basic protocols.

At customer’s option supplied interface unit, IBM-compatible computer Notebook, soft-ware controlled power-supply source, technological software.

Processing unit