A center has been operating since 2008, in May 2019 it was renamed the Educational and Scientific Center (ESC).

The ESC is responsible for the training and talent management in the sections of the program “Educational support of modern technologies of geophysical research of wells in mineral deposits”.

Field of education: the production permission to work for oil and gas fields, the production permission to thе geophysical well logging (GIS), the release to service of equipment, operators of GIS, technology (for the production of GIS, the maintenance of drilling), machinists of logging station winch, riggers of a hoisting machines, etc.

Scientific directions (sections) of the educational program:

  • geosteering technologies with bottom-hole measure while drilling with electro-magnetic channel of communication of a bottom-hole measuring system, a bottom-hole telemetric system series;
  • technologies for core sampling, completion by drilling, formation test with equipment on a cable, hydrodynamic logging;
  • technology of seismic investigations of wells;
  • technologies of radioactive GIS methods;
  • technology of electromagnetic methods of flaw detection (with the equipment of electro-magnetic fault detector, magnetic pulse detector series, etc.);
  • apparatus and methodical complexes of GIS;
  • technologies of acoustic GIS methods;
  • control of pulling and running equipment at GIS;
  • logging stations;
  • load-lifting electric mechanisms from the floor;
  • health, safety, and environment issues (A1 + B2) with GIS;
  • well control with possible oil, gas and water shows at GIS;
  • operation of radioactive sources at GIS;
  • Basics of Fire Safety at GIS;
  • labor safety at GIS, including when working overhead;
  • electrical safety at GIS;
  • operation of heating systems and heat consuming installations;
  • duplication lost documents.

The license was issued unlimited (reg. No. 2796 dated 20.04.2012)

All programs are agreed with state regulatory agencies.

The amount of training is necessarily consistent with the customer.




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