Is designed for a current monitoring of designing oil and oil/gas ledge by a complex of nuclear-geophysical methods, which contain of spectral impulse neutron gamma-ray (INGK-S or C/O logging), dual modification impulse neutron gamma-ray (2INGK, 2INNK) and spectral natural gamma radiation logging (SGK). 




Problems to be sold:

• information supply for effective control of design process of productive oil and gas ledges according to results research of cased well of old fund, and also newly drilling wells;
• volumetric reservoir model elaboration considering the nature of natural gamma-radiation and elemental rock composition;
• rock pore space fluid model determination;
• oil-filled formation emissions;
• current productive ledge coefficient evaluation;
• watering interval emission with evaluation.

Carbon-oxygen logging (C/O logging) is realized with the usage of, by a modern well, TzSP C/O-90 software-controlled apparatus with high-frequency neutron generator on MEV 14, fast register channel and telemetry, energy and temp fluence rate spread of gamma radiation, appearing in a result of neutron reaction on nuclears of rock-forming elements. It is related to methods of weight content rock-forming elements determination. Carbon-oxygen logging is direct method ledge isolation, containing carbons. Fluent rate from nuclears to carbon and oxygen, which decrease according to ledge watering in consequence of it replacement by water irrespective of mineralization, is used as a carbon content measure.

Impulse neutron logging is represented by software multisonde apparatus of new generation with a high speed of measuring channel and registration ability of  multi-channel temp fluence thermal neutron spread (INNK) and gamma-radiation of radioactive capture (INGK)- TzSP 2 INNK and TzSP 2 INGK. The method allows to trace water-oil contacts, to estimate reservoir saturation character in conditions of mineralized ledge water, to learn desalting dynamics and exploited ledge salinisation. In complex with C/O logging data 2 INGK results allow to determine fluid reservoir model in detail and unambiguously, specify watering intervals, quantitively estimate a part of nonsaline fluid in reservoir.

Spectral gamma-ray logging (SGK) is made by TzSP GK-S apparatus with the aim of estimation uranium, potassium, thorium radioactive elements. SGK allows to determine the type of clay mineral in clayish cross-section or pinpoint hightened natural radioactivity of polymistic sandstone, radioactive bitumen or secondary converted rocks.

Received information is used for revision of rock property in reservoir and for improving of interpretation uniqueness of C/O logging results. SGK realization in cased borehole allow to record radiogeochemical anomalies, connected with a process of water encroachment.

Technology for current oil saturation estimation through nuclear logging methods

Complex of nuclear-geophysical method have large informativity and decide large spectrum of  problems both of oilfield and geological prospecting plan.

Borehole equipment is certified  and has sanitation-and-epidemiological conclusion on their usage. Borehole equipment production is made according to individual agreement with a client by rendering services on exploration and usage modern technologies of borehole research. Apparatus development for each type of logging are accompanied by development and adaptation of software and algorythmic support for preprocessing of research results. Complex result interpretation technique together with data of GIS, registered on open sidetrack, is designed to get geological results.

Nuclear-geophysical apparatus metrological verifying in metrological center VNIIGIS. Metrological centre contains model park in view of reservoir imitators of different density, porosity, lithology and saturation, part of which is certified as State Standard (SS ).

Today the effectivity of nuclear-geophysical methods complex usage is proved on the example of several thousands wells in West Siberia, Volga region, Kazakhstan and other regions of Russia and neighboring countries.


 The results of complex nuclear-geophysical method interpretation according to oilsaturation determination