is used for inspection of coiled tubings (CT) technical condition in units.





• displaying internal and external defects of CT in real-time;
• measuring and displaying diameter, out-of-roundness and average thickness of CT;
• informing an operator about critical defects and exceeding the permissible deviations of the measured parameters;
• indicating dangerous changes of coiled tubing condition in time and decrease the risk of crashes;
• accumulating results and displaying integral characteristics of CT.

Apparatus includes

• sensor unit with integrated unit of signal processing (there are options for CT diameters from 30 to 45 mm);
• device for anchoring of a sensor unit to CT unit;
• emergency alarm unit;
• laptop with technological software.

Basic advantages

• folding design of sensor unit allows fixing and removing it without necessity of CT lifting and dismantling of injector;
• high acceptable speed of CT motion (up to 0.8 m/s) allows providing inspection not affecting on technological operations;
• high resolution of measurement (2mm) allows detecting defects at the early stage of their development;
• usage non-contact method of measurement allows to reduce the number of wearing parts and prolong the life of the system;
• low power consumption (~120W) allows you to power the system from an on-bort electrical power outlet of CT unit;
• interface with measuring instrument of immersion depth of CT allows organizing integrated relation of measurement results to depth;
• technological software allows displaying data of measurement in real-time on screen of laptop, changing operating modes of system and input commentaries according to estimation of defects;
• opportunity of system adaptation to CT made from various alloys, can improve the accuracy of the measurements;
• usage of vibration resistant laptop with extended temperature range allows placing it in operator’s cab;
• self-testing and automatic control of fixing integrity allows giving signal to operator in case of operation disturbance of system.


design of sensor unit:


principle of measurement:

electromagnetic (non-contact)

diameter of coiled tubings, mm:


from 30 to 45 ( one sensor unit for one diameter)

maximum thickness of coiled tubing wall, mm:

up to 5

speed of coiled tubings trip, m/s:

up to 0.8

acceptable steel grade of coiled tubings:


measurement interval, mm:


the number of sensors:


detectable defects:



• internal, external buckles and cavities;
• cross and inclined cracks with thickness 0.1 mm, length from 10 mm;
• flaws with diameter from 1 mm

the number of sensors of external diameter measurement:


range of out-of-roundness measurement, mm:

from 0 to 3

accuracy of out-of-roundness measurement, mm :


frequency of measurement of average wall thickness, Hz:


accuracy of measurement of average wall thickness, mm:


supply voltage from storage battery, V:


power consumption of sensor unit, W :

less than 60

power consumption of laptop, W:

less than 60

range of sensor unit operating temperature, °C:

from -40 to +50

dimensions of sensor unit, mm:

340 x 300 x 260

weight of sensor unit, kg:

less than 20

length of connecting cable from sensor unit to laptop, m:




Display forms of technological software