An integrated technology for control of drillable sidetracks and horizontal wells paths by telemetry system with wireless communication channel is offered by VNIIGIS.




Data acquisition and processing while systems operations are realized on the surface by means of IBM PC that guarantees quality and reliability of borehole information acquisition and provides maximal comfort to the technologist. The telemetry system operation does not effect the wellsite technological practice. Data recording is carried out continuously without drilling cease. The control measurements are carried out on switching-off the circulation. The obtained bottom-hole operational time without prevention is 300-400 hours.

VNIIGIS has developed a number of telemetry systems of different diameters, which realize this technology.

Considerably improved and advanced ZIS-4ME system 172 mm in diameter is created and produced, which enable to realize continuous measurement and record of real time survey parameters while drilling wells of a big diameter.

ZTC-42EM and AZIMYT-4-108 telemetry systems of small diameter are created and produced for drilling of sidetracks, including wells of old stock, which measure parameters and also standoff position angle during the drilling. The telemetry systems have high measurement accuracy of survey parameters and they are reliable in production. ZTC-42EM telemetry system can additionally be equipped by GR module, that improves the efficiency of operational trajectory control of sidetracks according to geophysical information of drillable rock and also by above-bit module, which bound with matrix telemetry system by wireless electromagnetic communication channel and depending on modification can measure zenith angle nearby the bit, azimuthal and angle controlled GR, axial load, bit revolutions, specific electric resistance of subsurface rock, pressure in well space.

ZTC-42EM-M is used also in drilling wells of a big diameter and on depression using mud fluid on the basis of aerated by nitrogen oil. In this case it is provided with a pressure module, measuring  pressure in well space.

The ZTC-NNKT telemetry system is designed for coil-tubing technology. The connection of telemetry system with the surface complex is realized by the channel, by which the long-length coil-tubing unit collar without coupling is equipped. The telemetry system besides the registration survey parameters has channels for measurement of GR, temperature and vibration level. The main feature of the given telemetry system is an above-bit module, which measure axial load, bit revolutions, mud fluid pressure in well space.

ZTC-42EM-M telemetry system of 01, 03, 05, 07 modifications with independent power supply, which doesn’t depend on mud discharge and quality is used for surface casing drilling under the conditions of mud overabrasion (in West Siberia) and also in wells depth up to 2 km. A development of the well drilling on depression appears the air drilling technology. The first in the world well with bubble aeration was drilled with the help of ZTC-42EM-M of 03 modification in China in the province of Sichuan (under conditions, when only the telemetry system with electromagnetic communication channel from all kinds of wireless systems can operate).

A telemetry system with combined channel ZTC-42-KK is designed for improving of communication channel radius range, in which a signal goes to logging cable until the relay, and from it to on a wireless electromagnetic channel the signal is transmitted to the surface. Advantages of wire and wireless communication channels are combined in ZTC-42-KK telemetry system, also operational range is indefinitely improving and the dependence from rock lithological composition is excluded.

Miniature telemetry system ZTC-30 in modifications with electromagnetic and combined connection channels is designed and ready for exploitation in order to drill by bits with 95 mm (for example, for sidetracks revival by means of drilling through tails with diameter 114 mm including drilling on depression).

The technology for control of telemetry system trajectory with wireless electromagnetic communication channel is widely used in oil fields of many country regions: in West Siberia, Bashkortostan, Tatarstan, Udmurtia, Perm, Tomsk, Sakhalin, Orenburg.

”Geosensor” system is designed by joint efforts of Gorizont company and VNIIGIS, which is intended for continuous control and registration of technological parameters of the drilling processes in order to control drilling and optimal, accident free directional wells drilling. The Geosensor system is adapted for the work in complex with ZIS-4ME bottom-hole telemetry system. Nowadays the first model of Geosensor system is successfully working on a field in West Siberia.

LLC SPC Gorizont and LLC SPC VNIIGIS-ZTK companies provide services of sidetracks and horizontal wells drilling, using telemetry systems delivered by PAO NPP VNIIGIS.