is designed for drilling parameters continuous inspection and recording in real time to provide operational management and optimal trouble-free well-drilling.

GEOSENSOR system is adapted to be combined with the bottom-hole telemetry system (ZTS) ZIS-4ME, Azimut 4-108 used for trajectory monitoring and controlling.



GEOSENSOR system provides an integrated assembly ZTS and GTI including:

• Geological and engineering survey (GTI) operator’s workstation: a PC combined with a surface processing complex ZTS, directional well drilling technologist’s PC and a print device through-local network. Connection with a drill man’s PC – on request.

  • Directional well drilling technologist’s workstation is arranged for real-time ZIS-4ME data parameters monitoring (or other telemetry systems parameters after its software matching); for “GEOSENSOR” process-dependent parameters monitoring. Those ones provide an operational management of drilling practices as well as bottomhole assembly location while drilling.

System configuration

GEOSENSOR system comprises a drilling parameters sensors assembly, driller’s control panel (basic and subsidiary), drilling process recording and controlling software.

1. Drilling parameters sensors:

  • hook load sensor (weight sensor);
  • tongs-torque indicator;
  • inlet flush fluid pressure;
  • flush fluid level in tank (quantity – on client’s request);
  • draw works shaft counter (depth sensor);
  • outlet flush fluid flow indicator;
  • inlet flush fluid flow sensor;
  • rotor revolutions sensor.

Supplementary sensors may be also included in System set on Client’s request.

2. Driller’s control panel.

It gathers the information from drilling parameters sensors; controls and visually represents the basic drilling process parameters; controls and visually represents the angularity parameters; visually represents the digital and graphic ZTS angularity parameters using LED indicator; displays alarm signals and messages in data line on driller’s PC.

Represented parameters:

Drilling process parameters:

  • hook load;
  • bit load;
  • tongs-torque;
  • bottom-hole position;
  • depth;
  • round-trip velocity;
  • inlet flush fluid pressure;
  • outlet flush fluid flow;
  • inlet flush fluid flow;
  • flush fluid level in basic tank;
  • flush fluid level in fill-up tank;
  • current time;
  • data line messages.

ZTS angularity parameters:

  • zenith angle;
  • azimuth;
  • deviator position.

GEOSENSOR drilling process control system (continuation)

3. Supplementary data display

The supplementary data display represents basic drilling parameters. It is usually installed in the pump section or other section of a drill unit. The system may comprise up to 3 supplementary data display.

Represented parameters:

  • inlet flush fluid flow;
  • bit load;
  • traveling block position relative to the rotary table;
  • flush fluid pressure.

4. Software

The system software provides:

  • real-time recording, displaying, monitoring of up to 20 basic drilling parameters;
  • real-time recording, displaying, monitoring of current ZTS data while drilling;
  • efficient report-making on well drilling process – on Client’s request and for well drilling management;
  • processing, viewing, printing of technological information on drilling process;
  • forming, printing of output cumulative diagrams;
  • parameters saving in database.

GEOSENSOR system may create the basis for geological and engineering survey (GTI) station.

GTI station configuration

1. GEOSENSOR system.

2. Mud logging module.

Mud logging module provides recording, monitoring, measurements of flush fluid gas-content. The module consists of outlet flush fluid equipment (ditch system) and gas analyzer set:

  • chromatograph Chromoplast;
  • mud degasser with air-gas line;
  • Chrom software.

3. Geological module

Geological module provides core, drilling sludge examination and data records. The module consists of:

  • luminescent unit;
  • drilling sludge dryer;
  • microscope with camera adapter;
  • electronic balance (torsion);
  • fractional sieves;
  • chemical vessels, reagent, expendables set.

4. Station car on trailer chassis

The station car comprises all necessary furnishing and survival facilities for 2 operators, a telemetry system specialist and a directional well drilling technologist.