AMC-VSP-3-48 equipment is designed for highly-sensitive three-component borehole seismic in the vertical and deviated wells.




Equipment includes:

• Digital seismic multi-module downhole sonde which consists of identical receiving modules interconnected with a spacing cables, retransmitter module and gamma-ray module (for depth check).
• The surface equipment which consists of computer-notebook, program-controlled power unit and interface unit.
• Technological software provides an interaction of all system parts, testing functions and operation parameters of downhole sonde, controls the technological steps of the data acquisition process checks the data quality and automatically draws up a field report.

Features and Advantages

• the possibility of increasing the number of receiving modules in the sonde and their interchangeability;
• the possibility of using any type of the logging cable, including mono-cable;
• ultra-low level of the instrumental noise, which allows to detect weak seismic signals and use non-explosive seismic source with not high energy, lack of industrial noise;
• the presence of program-controlled calibrations in the receiving modules, which provide a metrology control for electronic measurement channels and for geophones under borehole conditions;
• small dimensions and mass of the receiving modules and program-controlled elecromechanical clamping device guarantees a strong wall contact, which minimize the system resonance effect and a noise wave influence;
• the possibility of additional depth control with equipped gamma-ray logging module;
• technological software usability and universality make it possible to use in it a different modifications of the borehole seismic survey.

The equipment can operate with different systems of synchronization with pulsed and vibro seismic sources.


Interface Unit is designed for data communication with the downhole sonde, interfacing with the synchronization system of seismic excitation and registration of surface channels.



AMC-VSP equipment allows various modifications of borehole seismic survey in the land, and on the offshore wells: VSP, offset VSP, walkaway VSP, 3D-VSP, microseismic (monitoring of hydraulic fracturing).

Possibility of high-frequency measurements allows to use AMC-VSP equipment for interhole seismography, for solving problems of engineering geology, as well as for the study of low-amplitude tectonics of ore and carbon formations.

Possibility of AMC-VSP equipment to realize metrological calibration of seismic geophones characteristics at each point of measurement allows to perform high-precision three-component measurements and to apply precision polarization methods of data processing.

The data obtained by the equipment are used widely for the structure studying of near a wellbore and down-hole space, for preparation of recommendations for drilling.



Receiving modules quantity within a downhole sonde

up to 31

Seismic receiver type

three-component orthogonal geophones

Type of used geophones

OMNI-15 Hz (omnidirectional)

Sample intervals, ms:

0.25 / 0.5 / 1.0 / 2.0       

Analog to digital conversion bits


Instrumental noise (1 ms), µV

up to 0.1

Receiving module dimensions, mm:                                                            
– max diameter 
– length



Receiving module weight, kg


Clamping force, kg


Length of spacing cable, m

10 / 20

Max. operating pressure, MPa


Max. operating temperature, (hardware version), ºC

120 / 150 / 175



Interface Unit specifications

Logging cable data transmission format


Type of logging cable

any, including mono-cable

Data rate, in software changeable, Mbaud

up to 1/6

Number of recorded surface channels

–          synchronization system signals

–          surface geophones




Type of synchronization system

any for pulsed and vibro seismic sources

Computer interface

USB 2.0

Computer operating system

Windows  XP / 7 / 8.1

Power supply, V/ Hz

220 (±40) / 50-60

Dimensions, mm:


Weight, kg








AMC-VSP-3-48 equipment has the system certificate of Russian National Standard  R. (GOST R).