We offer a technology of side-wall coring for open oil and gas wells to define the lithology, the stratigraphy as well as the rock reservoir properties and their oil/gas water contents using SКТ-3М-type Core Taker.




The equipment consists of a downhole tool and surface equipment units. It allows to take up to 15 core samples of 22 mm in diameter and up to 50 mm in length per a run. A set of different-type ring drill bits, the possibility to control the drilling practices, high-efficient rock-destruction zone flushing provide recovery of high-quality core material from rocks having different physical and mechanical properties even in the problem areas.

A high-efficient emergency control system provides core recovery safety.

Using SKT-3M Core Taker you can obtain core material from those borehole portions where core drilling didn’t take place or where the percentage of core recovery was a low one.

The rock samples being taken by SKT-3M Core Taker allow to obtain the complete information on the formations where unambiguous logging data interpretation is difficult. By the cores taken from the borehole walls you can definite lithology, stratigraphy, rock reservoir properties as well as their oil/gas/water contents.

Using SKT-3M Core Taker, you save time and expenditures required to conduct a long-term and expensive core drilling process.

Our qualified personnel having the experience in using the equipment under different geological and technical conditions is ready to assist you in purchasing the equipment; we shall also train your people at our methodical centre, we shall help you by putting the equipment into operation at your wells, we’ll give you advisory assistance and  do the methodical and service works.








The results of drilling core taker usage