is designed for directional and horizontal small size wellbores study 76-150 mm in diameter by gamma-ray, density gamma-gamma, neutron gamma ray, full-waveform, lateral logging and caliper measurements, thermometry, resistivimetry methods. 




Hardware configuration

digital modules 48 mm in diameter for:

• GR logging (GR+retranslator);

• GR density logging (GGK-P*) or litho-density logging (GGK-L);

• neutron GR logging (NGK*) or dual neutron logging (2NNK);

• full-waveform sonic logging (three-component VAK logging, 1,5 m and 2 m long probes);

• lateral logging (BK*) or scanning lateral logging (BK-S);

• caliper measurements;

• thermometry;

• resistivimetry;

• operated centralizers;

• operated hold-down device;

• uncontrollable centralizer;

• Inter-modul connector;


interface unit.


* by agreement with the Customer



AKIPS-oil complex element set


Example of AKIPS-NN-50 complex using while investigating a directional well


AKIPS-oil complex application example