Oktyabrsky well logging equipment plant OOO VNIIGIS (OOO OZKO VNIIGIS) together with Sauer-Danfoss specialists (Sauer-Danfoss, Germany) developed a hydraulic drive for wire, due to which began  the production of WLTH with a hydraulic drive for wire for various types of chassis.



In this project is applied:

  • Sauer-Danfoss 90R100 axial piston hydraulic pump;
  • Sauer-Danfoss PVG32 sectional proportional control valve;
  • pressure accumulator;
  • Argo-Hytos draining and suction filters;
  • safety valve, providing desired cable tension;
  • MS18 two-speed radial piston motor is used for all range of speed, which provides four operational conditions:

– high gear;

– low gear;

– brake unit;

– neuter (free rotation in any direction).

Sauer-Danfoss DP 620 display is used to display the present state of the system i.e. information on the charge circuit, spooling system, tension value, oil temperature, operating hours.

The speed control and direction of rotation of the winch is performed by Sauer-Danfoss MCH joystick.

OOO OZKO VNIIGIS provides training of the staff for WLTH operation with a hydraulic drive. OZKO VNIIGIS carries out warranty and out of warranty service maintenance on a call-out basis notwithstanding the center of location of WLTH.
















                                                                                                                               Winch design

  Character name

WLTH5G for wire

The inmost depth of well survey, m


The overall diameter of the well cable, spooled on the drum of HU,mm


The maximum pull of the cable on the first two rows of winding of the winch drum of HU,kN


Capacity at hoisting drum, kW