PAO NPP VNIIGIS traditionally work hard on the ore mining, conducts scientific research, experimental and methodological and geophysical work in the area of ore, coal and geological engineering , as well as for production of geophysical line, including design and manufacturing of industrial standards (teams) of new and redesign products.




OOO OZKO VNIIGIS subsidiary enterprise produces well-logging truck hoist for the ore mining.

Well-logging truck hoist for the ore mining has unique features. As a rule, the well depth is small (up to 2,000 meters). The chassis used for these performances is mainly short based (URAL 4320-1151-41, KAMAZ 43114, GAZ 33081 SADKO, GAZ 27057(all-wheel drive Gazel), UAZ 3309). The winches are of two types: with electrical and mechanical drive.










WLTH 2 with mechanical winch drive

is produced on KAMAZ 43114, URAL 4320-1151-41. The winch with mechanical gear from the power takes-off device.





Well-logging truck hoist with the winch electrically operated

Recently, the production volume of the well-logging truck hoist with the winch electrically operated has increased. The applied motor gear SITI (Italy) and frequency drive of the company  “SEW-EURODRIVE Gmb H&Co KG” (Germany) allows for pulling and running operations according to the demand conditions of the performance specifications, keeping pulling power regardless of the speed characteristic. The well-logging truck hoist is produced on different kind of chassis. Electric supply is taken form an external source and from the generator unit.









The inmost depth of well survey, m

2 000

The overall diameter of the well-logging cable, spooled on the drum of HU, mm


The maximum pull of the cable on the first two rows of winding of the winch drum of HU, kN


Capacity at hoisting drum, kW


The maximum torque on the drum , kNm