The hoist is meant for carrying out geophysical research in searching, exploration, producing wells and for carrying out of reclamation works and oil and underground gas storage field management.



Designation: NLH non-self-propelled well-logging hoist in helicopter design with electric-powered drive of lowering and raising unit.

The diameter of logging cable used (capacity of drum): 5,000 m of logging cable Ø 8.4 mm.

Well depth is up to 5,000 m.

The purpose of creating this logging truck hoist with an electric-powered drive is the possibility of its transportation by a go anywhere plane transport.






The hoist provides:

  • the delivery to the place of performance of the work and return by car and go-anywhere transport, including the delivery of equipment.
  • specified by the technical requirements of speed and efforts on the run of lowering and raising well logging apparatus and equipment;
  • optimal allocation of enabling technology and equipment;
  • mechanization and partial automation of the working process.

The hoist is mounted on cross slides.

The chassis of the hoist (cross slides) is equipped with a device for opportunity of transportation by a go-anywhere plane and recovery eye within the precincts of the drilling site.

The hoist contains:

  • a body, fixed on a cross slides;
  • lowering and raising unit (LRU) with electric-powered drive;
  • control and monitor system by lowering and raising operations;
  • a measuring device of the depth, the speed and the logging cable tension.

The hoist equipment is located in the body, divided into two units:

  • laboratory (operator unit);
  • unit for LRU, technological complex and auxiliary equipment.

LRU hoist provides a gradual (without pull –free) movement of the logging cable on any winding diameter of the logging cable.

The maximum pull of the logging cable on the first 2 (two) rows of the winding back onto the reel not less than 35 kN.

The hoist ensures safe operations at an ambient temperature in the range from minus 45 ºC to plus 40 ºC, relative humidity 75% at the temperature of plus 15 ºC.

The hoist with stands without damage of the mechanical effects according to the maximum transport conditions.

The electrical equipment in the hoist can be powered by an external supply source of current with a voltage of 380 ± 22V and a frequency of 50 ± 1 Hz (field network)

The overall power of the power consumption of the hoist and equipment in the hoist does not exceed 35 kW.