It is intended to conduct lowering and raising operations in the process of geophysical studies in gas and oil wells with depth up to 5,000 m by logging cable or wire of various diameters.



Solvable tasks: provisions of speed and forces specified in the standard operated modes of descents and ascents of the well logging equipment and facilities, mechanization and partial automation of the working process.

Control and monitor system.

The control and monitor system includes:

  • device for control of driving speed of the logging cable, height of tool in the well, cable tension (measured parameters are displayed on the light digital indicators);
  • configuration for setting boundary value of the depth and tension;
  • operation control of the hoist unit.

The control system provides an opportunity for blocking the tools movements at given values of tension and depth at the required interval in manual and automatic modes.

The control system is equipped with an audible warning light device, emergency stopping (network shutdown) when the zero mark and/or programmable depth values are reached, as well as the force is reached on the tension transducer of the preset value.









The litho-density log winch (further the winch) with an induction motor of 220 V or 380 V, capacity from 1.5 to 30 kW contains: the hoist unit (HU), system control of hoisting operations, check out system of hoisting operations. The electric motor is powered by an external supply source of current with a potential difference of 220 ± 22 V or 380 ±22 V and frequency 50 ± 1 Hz (industrial network or diesel –electric set).

Hoist unit (HU)

The structure of HU includes: frame group; speed loader with the ability to rapid exchange; air reservoir, brush type KG-4M; chain cable layer with manually over rid able,  providing work with cable, or electromechanic (a three roller measuring system come with  a depth maker sensor, a depth mechanical counting device (a doubler), tension transducer, a sensor of quantization interval); braking system: two contracting-band brakes with hand power; gear motor with an electric engine for 220V or 380V, with a  capacity from  1.5 to 55 kW; frequency converter 380V, 50Hz; a control unit of the winch and geophysical logging.