Cable shop consists of the following main parts:

  • cable plant;
  • stationary winch (electric);
  • technological winch (electric);
  • marking system of geophysical cable;
  • system of rotary rollers (to reduce the size of the shop);
  • system of vertical rollers (for transferring a cable from one level to another);
  • tension sensors (to control the tension when rewinding the cable).

The elements of the cable shop are installed in a building intended for processing a logging cable. The shop is powered by a three-phase current source with a voltage of 380 V, frequency 50 (+/- 1) Hz. The total power of energy consumers should not exceed 35 kW.















The cable shop provides:

  • Reeling the geophysical cable from the technological winch (spool) to the stationary winch;
  • Reeling the geophysical cable from the stationary winch through the marking system and the cable plant under tension to the lift;
  • Reeling of the worn logging cable from the hoist to the technological winch (spool);
  • Replace the ends of the logging cable on the winch.

Scheme of cable movement (stationary winch – WLTH)


Appointment rates

Marked cables

from 6.8 mm to 16 mm

Limits of measuring the length and marking of cables

from 10 to 7000 m

Measuring speed

up to 3000 m/h

Basic error in measuring the length and marking of cables at the speed of movement (3000 +/- 10%) m / hour

not more than 0.02%

Additional error in measuring the length and marking of cables at speeds of 500 to 5000 m / h

not more than 0.02%

Distance between the main marks

10 m

Marking accuracy

10.000 +/- 1 mm

Polarity of magnetic marks


Initial magnetic field strength of the marks in the center of the NN pole is 20 mm from the cable

not less than 800 A / m

Limits of cable tension setting

from 0.05 to 3 tons

Tension setting error

+/- 20%

Power installation

220 +/- 20%, 50 Hz

Operating conditions in stationary conditions with:

• air temperature

• relative humidity

• atmospheric pressure


10- 40 °С

up to 98%

700-800 millimeter of mercury