are designed for fluid and gas sampling into sealed containers transported to the laboratory for further analysis; and for fluid sampling in water wells. One sample per trip. Tools can be connected in a toolstring. Pressure and temperature record all the while the tool is in borehole, to be tied to the structure, it is equipped with a GL module.




Sampling methods:

  • the samples are swabbed into a static sealed container while eliminating degasation (suction sampler)
  • the samples are swabbed into a container: fluid receiving annulus is communicated with the borehole fluid while the sampler running-in, after the sampler stop at a given depth the upper and lower valves close (flow sampler).

 Tool conveyance to the depth point. Tool control:

  • logging cable tool control by voltage supply from a surface standard power source (controlled-type sampler)
  • on the slick line tool control, coiled-tubing or tubing with an independent power supply source and programmed sampling time (independent sampler).

Samplers line:

  • PGM-28-300 and PGM-28-300А flow/suction samplers: tool diameter – 28 mm, sample volume – 300 mm (oil and gas well with maximum pressure 60 MPa and maximum temperature 120 °C);
  • PGM-36-300 and PGM-F-36-300 flow/suction samplers: tool diameter – 36 mm, sample volume – 300 mm (oil and gas well with maximum pressure 60 MPa and maximum temperature 120 °C)
  • PGM-48-500 suction samplers: tool diameter – 48 mm, sample volume – 500 mm (oil and gas well with maximum pressure 80 MPa and maximum temperature 150 °C);
  • PGM-65-1000 suction samplers: tool diameter – 65 mm, sample volume – 1000 mm (water well with maximum pressure 10 MPa and maximum temperature 100 °C).

The next step in development is PGM-36-300A and PGM-28-300A for horizontal and directional wells. Special containers with samplers inside are held between tubing strings and then the pipe bundle with the samplers are run into the borehole logging section or into the production section. Run-in-hole trip is controlled with GR channel or collar locator at the same time of continuous pressure / temperature / flow / moisture registration. The hydrodynamic parameters set can be changed or broadened. At present PGM-36-300A and PGM-28-300A autonomous samplers provides wireless data transmission, thus their functional capabilities are much extended. For wireless data recording the assembly is equipped with a process interface unit. The basic software is provided with a digital filter and correlation processing module.

The top conversion head of PGM sampler is an article of manufacture, which is designed for samples transfer of fluid and gas from PGM-36-300 and PGM-28-300A  the sampler container probe deep module to the suction chamber of the laboratory. Thereby the pressure in the example high pressure is keeping higher as oil saturation by gas, preventing its degassing according to a common method to all types downhole samplers.

PGM samplers are programmed and hardware connected to a Vulcan-type recorder.





PGM Downhole fluid samplers have certificate.