is designed to control technical condition of tubing, casing pipes and downhole filters by a complex of methods including defectoscope and thickness measuring tool, highly sensitive thermometer, gamma-ray logging, pressure sensor and recording measurement results in non-volatile memory.




In most drilling wells MID-A is used to control:

  • well construction having till 4 casings;
  • compliance to casing interval project with different diameter and wall thickness;
  • tail liner installation interval;
  • casing integrity and rate of wear during tool operation.


In the running wells MID-K-GK allows to define:

  • perforation intervals;
  • cut through failure position;
  • casing blowout in double casing string well program;
  • factual installation intervals of sealing patch;
  • factual installation depth of casing packer and etc.;
  • well construction till 4 casings;
  • corrosion intervals and casing rate of wear;
  • casing failure intervals, requiring repair;
  • first, second and third casing thickness.



Pipe maximum diameter, mm


A single-pipe wall thickness measurement error, mm:

for single pipes 2.5”

for single pipes 5”




Through-tubing casing 5″ wall thickness measurement error, mm


Minimum length of a “crack”-type detectable defect along the pipe axis, mm:

for single pipes 2.5″

for single pipes 5″ 

for casing pipes 5″ through-tubing measurement






Minimum length of a “transversal crack”-type detectable defect

1/6 of the perimeter

Thermometer resolution, °С


Thermometer time constant, sec


Maximum operating temperature, °С

120, 150

Maximum operating pressure, MPa

100 (110)

Downhole dimensions, mm:




Run time, h

 no less 30