is designed for gamma-ray energy spectrums registration, which are generated during neutron deceleration and absorption from closed radioactive source and dissipation high-energy gamma-radiation.




Registered information can be used for:

  • reservoir saturation character determination;
  • downhole cross-section lithological breakdown;
  • element content estimations, which anomalously absorb thermal neutrons (Cl, H, Si, Ca, Fe, Mn, Ni, Co and others);
  • estimations of dissipative and absorptive neutrons and gamma- radial parameters in rock and their correlation.

Features and advantages:

  • registrates gamma-radiation in wide energy range, increasing SNGK methodical possibilities;
  • the tool is made in the form of digital two-sonde module, which contains two multichannel energy spectrometers.

Delivery in complete set: downhole tool, interface unit, technological software, maintenance tool, spare parts and accessories, certificate, operating manual.




Gamma-quantum measurements range, MeV


Energy resolution, %      

up to 12

Integral nonlinearity of spectrum energy scale

up to ±3

Energy scale instability, %

up to 1

Spectrometric track dead-time, microsec


Maximum cable length, mm


Maximum admissible pressure, MPa   


Operating temperature range, °C

-5 … +120

Tool dimensions, mm:

–        diameter    

–        length (without centralizers)   

–        length (with centralizers)



up to 1650

up to 3000

Weight (without centralizers), kg

up to 12

Weight (with centralizers), kg  

up to 21