is designed for in order to get visual image of open hole inner surface and columns with the purpose to estimate the presence and location of roughness, corrosions, holes, gaps and union joints.




Features and Advantages:

  • gives accurate visual image of casing inner surface, that allows to estimate its technical condition;
  • provides high accuracy of defect identification according to their type and estimation of their dimensions;
  • performs information output in real-time mode on monitor screen, so that high visualization operational efficiency of information is reached;
  • provides high information accuracy in different modes, chosen with the help of the processing program on personal computer;
  • gives a presentation about the change of well diameter in investigation interval;
  • a possibility to work with digital systems (GEKTOR type).


The equipment is designed for operation with three-core logging cable KGZ-70-180 till 5000 m.


The Results of Measurements by AVK-42M Borehole Televiewer


The investigation of fracture interval


Inclination angle of some fractures


                                      Depth 894,9 meters , α=67,6°    Depth 905, 2 meters, α=66,5°



Signal registered parameters:

amplitude, time

The method of information input, processing and output:           

digital on personal computer

The method of information representation:      

in form of well sweep

Maximum operating pressure, MPa


Maximum operating temperature, °С


Maximum logging speed, m/h


The range of columns diameters under investigations, mm         


Apparatus dimensions, mm:

diameter (without centralizers)





Weigth, kg

not more than 21