LOM-2 processing Overhauser magnetometer is precise measurement tool of cyclic type, which is based on dynamic nuclear polarization principle (Overhauser effect). Magnetometer is designed for measurement of Earth magnetic field induction module within 30000-70000 nanoT.




Features and Advantages

Overhauser nuclear-processing converter on stable working agent (life time is approximately 3-5 years) is the basis of magnetometer basis serves. The given type of converter possess less energy consumption, higher sensitivity and gradient stability comparing to proton converters. The use of microprocessor and serial communications port in magnetometer composition allow to:

  • Process and re-count frequency of free nuclear procession directly in module value of measured field;
  • Adapt nuclear procession signal processing depending on measurement conditions;
  • Control quality and measurement conditions;
  • Control magnetometer according to port from external control unit, acting as specialized register (logging cable) and personnel computer (notebook);
  • Perform automatic setting of magnetometer operating range, and also “manual” setting from external control unit;
  • Output measurement results and additional information in digital form through port automatically or on demand.


High technical and exploitation magnetometer parameters in completed with different external control units provide a wide range of opportunities of its use for measurement magnetic induction module measurement during logging operations. 


The tool to be run with triple logging cable.







Magnetic induction module measurement range, nT


Sensor convertion coefficient   

1.0·1012± 0,5

Main systematic measurement error, nT

up to 3

Mean square deviation module of the measurement uncertainty while the duration of measurement is not less than 1 second, nT

up to 0,5

Mean square deviation module of measurement error random component at measurement duration not less than 1 second and filed gradient 10000 nT, nT

up to 50

Additional measurement error in temperature interval from10 °C till +50 °C, nT

up to 1

Additional measurement error at primary transducer deviation on angle of 45° from optional orientation, nT

up to 1

Power supply, V

40 – 80

Sensor working agent lifetime, years


Gradient stability, nT/m

from 10000

Nonstability for 8 working hours, nT

up to 0,3

Time of working mode establishment, sec

up to 10

Duration of single measurement, sec

up to 1

Periodicity of automatic measurement start, sec


Initial amplitude of analogue output procession signal, V

0,5 – 2

Optimal orientation angle of primary transducer cylinder axis respectively magnetic field direction, degrees

not orientable

Operating temperature range, °С            


Maximum hydrostatic pressure, MPa


Dimensions (without connector consideration), mm:


electronics unit         


up to 42×1500

up to 160×90×60

Weight, kg         

up to 10