AMC-VSP-3-48 equipment is designed for highly-sensitive three-component borehole seismic in the vertical and deviated wells.




Complex composition

  • Digital seismic multimodule downhole sonde, which consists of identical downhole receiver modules, which are connected between each other by cable seals, retranslator modules and GR module.
  • Set of surface equipment, in composition of which are included computer of NOTEBOOK type, software- controlled power supply unit and interface unit, which contains skids, providing digital telemetry connection with downhole sonde, coupling with seismic excitations synchronization system and surface control signals registration.
  • Technological software, which provides automatic testing of the whole complex, control of all technological processes during operation performance, preprocessing performance and received data quality control, operator report maintenance and documentation.


  • possibility of increasing the number of receiver modules in sonde and their interchangeability;
  • possibility of operation with any type of logging cable, including one-core cable;
  • the absence of industrial network disturbances, ultra-low level of proper instrumental noises, which allows to register weak seismic signals and use non-explosive seismic sources during operation with not high energy;
  • the presence in receiver modules of software controlled calibrators, which allows to provide metrology characteristics control as electronic measurement channels, and seismic receivers straight in downhole conditions;
  • small sizes and receiver modules mass, and also the use of software controlled powerful electromechanical hold-down, which provide minimum influence of “apparatus – well wall” resonance system, and also wave interferences (mud wave, cable wave) on registered seismic vibrations;
  • technological software usability and universality make it possible to use it in a different modifications of the borehole seismology.


Equipment can operate with different systems of seismic excitation synchronization such as SSB-1, SSB-2, GSP, SGS- S, SGD, WSI, Pelton and others.



The number of modules in sonde


Discretisation interval, msec

0.125; 0.25; 0.5; 1.0; 2.0; 4.0

Transformation dynamic range, dB:

momentary (within one seismic trace)  





Instrumental noise, mkV             


The number of surface signals registration channels      

till 8

Electric power supply, V, Hz       

220, 50

Maximum exploitation temperature, °С

120 (140)*

Maximum hydrostatic pressure, MPa

80 (100)*

Overall dimensions of receiver module, mm:






Receiver module weight, kg

11 (8)*

Effort on the end of module hold-down lever, kg

not less than 85

The length of intermodular cable ridges

on agreement with the customer

               * on agreement with the customer