AO NPP VNIIGIS is one of the leading R&D companies in Russia that develops special and unique logging methods and technologies for geophysical investigations of oil, gas, ore, coal and geotechnical wells. In addition, AO NPP VNIIGIS is the oldest geophysical organization, with its history, a common value system and a long tradition of industrial innovation.

VNIIGIS performs works under direct contracts with oil companies and their structures, mining, geophysical and other enterprises of Russia and CIS countries, foreign companies and firms. The main customers of VNIIGIS are companies from different regions of the Russian Federation – Bashkortostan, Tatarstan, East and West Siberia, as well as companies of China, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus and other countries near and far abroad.

High scientific-technical level of developments allows for conducting hydrodynamic studies (GIS), high-quality results at all stages of well construction, location, transactions, research and development with high quality results and environmental control.

VNIIGIS has an advanced laboratory basis, metrology center and testing station, pilot-line factory and special service entities for well logging, and also, highly trained specialists. Institute is justly proud of its scientific potential: 5 Doctors of Science and 13 Candidate of Sciences, 1 member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, 2 corresponding members and 1 member of the International Academy of Ecology Man and Nature Protection Sciences and more than 150 qualified specialists.

Applying experience and knowledge which acquired over 60 years in geophysical industry, VNIIGIS continues to develop new technologies in accordance with the needs of the oil and gas industry and geological exploration.

 VNIIGIS conducts researches in the following directions:

• Information support for horizontal and directional wells;
• Radioactive logging methods to provide geology and reservoir saturation;
• Three-dimensional methods of investigation and geological modeling;
• Open-hole logging including well logging for slim hole wells;
• Acoustic methods for near wellbore condition estimation in open hole and cased hole wells of different diameters;
• Cement bond logging, casing and coiled tubing condition control;
• Wireline direct methods (wireline formation testing and hydrodynamic logging, well sampling, downhole side-wall coring, well completion using drilling perforators)
• Apparatus and method complexes for well investigations on solid mineral deposits.

AO NPP VNIIGIS performs field and geophysical surveys in oil and gas wells in various regions of Russia and abroad, provides service and consulting services for processing and interpreting log data obtained using our company’s tools.

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12 scientific departments

Knowledge and experience:
highly skilled workers

Own testing production

Unique equipment
and technology

8 scientific laboratories

12 small enterprises