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AESB-73 Electrical scanner

is designed to determine rock electrical resistivity azimuthal distribution within a borehole with the scanning focused lateral logging sonde array.

Problems to be solved

Open well bore:

  • geological formation azimuthal heterogeneities estimation;
  • determination of layer bedding elements (dipmeter logging);
  • reservoir quality discrimination and estimation of their anisotropy by electric properties;
  • identification of vertical fracturing.
  • strata inclination determination.

Cased well bore:

  • Control of string technical condition;
  • Detection of perforation holes, including slatted and drilling perforation.


Central electrode azimuth segments number16/8
Investigation radial depth in open well bore, mfrom 0.5
Vertical resolution, mm15/30
Azimuthal resolution, degree22.5 /45
Measurements range:
resistivity, Ohm•m
azimuth, degree
zenith, degree

0.05 ÷1000
0 ÷ 360
0 ÷ 180
Bed dip error:
dip angle 5-10 degree , degree
dip angle 10-50 degree , %

up to ±2
up to ±10
Power consumption, Wup to 25
Maximum temperature, 0С120
Maximum hydrostatic pressure, MPa60
Downhole dimensions, mm:
length (including centralizers)

Weight, kgup to 46
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