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AKTZ-48T Thermal resistant acoustic cement bond logging tool for cased boreholes

is designed for casing string cementing quality control as well as technical conditions of oil-and-gas, hydrogeological wells equipped with casing strings and tubing of 73-200 mm internal diameter in hostile
pressure and temperature environment.

Features and Advantages

  • improved volume-contact type cementing defect sensibility;
  • drilling tool sticking identification and tubing pad location;
  • combinability with digital stations (of GEKTOR type).


Acoustic sonde formulaT20,25T11,75R
Transmitter operating frequency, kHz20
Power consumption, volt ampere50
Maximum operating temperature, °С175
Maximum hydrostatic pressure, MPa100
Used core number, pcs3
Downhole tool dimensions, mm:
diameter (without centralizers)

Weight, kg30
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