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ASIM Wireless Telemetry Systems


  • Providing frac and multi-stage frac fleet with the system of monitoring via wireless telemetry
  • Monitoring the development of oil and gas fields via wireless telemetry in oil and gas wells with maximum pressure up to 100 MPa and temperature 173®C    


  • Field development monitoring of each producing formation, frac and multi-frac control
  • Ensuring production profitability by decreasing expenses on current monitoring
  • Real-time measurements of bottomhole pressure, production rate, temperature, and moisture content for each producing formation

ASIM System Specifications

Excessive pressure measurement range0–25 MPa/ 0-3626 psi
Basic relative accuracy of excessive pressure measurement0,25 %
Temperature measurement range10–80 С °/32-176 F°
Flowrate measurement range,3–100 m3 / day /
283-3530 ft3/day
Water cut measurement range40–100 %
Basic relative accuracy of flowrate measurement8 %
Pressure resolution0,02 MPa
Temperature resolution0,03 С°
Tool housing diameter90 mm/ 3.54 in
Continuous operation time from in-house power supply with the data transfer frequency of 2 times a week , days500
Length with spacer, no less than, mm7000/ 276 in
Total weight of downhole equipment, kg20/ 44.1 lb
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