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ASPU-48-3C downhole seismic heat-resistant 3-component apparatus

is design for seismic investigations of wells.

Features and Advantages

  • original design of clamping device and tools small-size provide substantially increased wall contact;
  • The apparatus is made in two modular variants for work on the seven-conductor wire-line and a single-module version on the triple cable.


Seismic channels quantity3
Frequency range, Hz5-250
Maximum operating temperature, °С160
Maximum hydrostatic pressure, MPa75
Maximum clamping force, N750
Borehole size, mm60 - 320
Tool dimensions, mm:

up to 1200
Weight, kg10

The equipment is designed to work with any seismic acquisition system or independently, with its own interface block, which is directed by under the control of technology software performs digitalization of seismic data, transfer them to a personal computer (PC), controls the operations of clamping/lapping
modules and have a liaisons with complex associated equipment.

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