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AVK-42M borehole acoustic video-log equipment (borehole teleview)

is designed for open hole and casing inner surface imaging to evaluate roughness, corrosion, holes, slots and casing-collars.

Features and Advantages

  • accurate visual image of the casing string inner surface for its technical condition evaluating;
  • high-degree precision of the defects' identification by its types and evaluation of its sizes;
  • real time information displaying to provide an improved operativeness of information visualization;
  • improved reliability of information due to its presentation in different modes, which are selected by the processing programs on PC;
  • borehole size changing in the investigation interval;
  • combinability with digital stations (VULKAN, GECTOR type).


Recorded signal parameterstime, amplitude
Information input, output and processing methodsa PC digital one
Information presentation methoda hole sweep one
Maximum operating pressure, MPa60
Maximum operating temperature, °С120
Logging speed, m/h60 ÷125
Tested casing diameters range, mm73 ÷250
Downhole tool dimensions, mm:
diameter (without centralizers)

Weight, kgup to 18

The tool can be operated through a triple-core cable KGZ-70-180 (length up to 5000 m)

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