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Complex evaluation of near wellbore medium with KSPRK-Sh-50-T Combinable Logging Tool


  • Oil and gas wells, with/without tubing
  • Operating or killed wells
  • Any lithology
  • Heavy or light cement
  • Well filling - gas/water/oil


Multiparametric studies realized in one trip:

  • Compensated Neutron Log to determine water saturated porosity, neutron parameters of the environment 
  • Three-probe spectral neutron gamma-ray logging for radial (3 logging depths) determination of elemental composition, nuclear parameters of the medium     
  • Spectral gamma-ray logging to determine K, U, Th concentrations   


  • Express quality evaluation of cement filling behind two pipes (including accumulation of gas, water)     
  • Formation evaluation: saturation, porosity; by indirect parameters: density, permeability;   
  • Evaluation of formation lithology


Number of Probes:

3 (2 spectrums of 256 channels each)
1(256 channels)
Energy range of gamma-quantum recording of SGR channel, MeV
Energy range of SNGK channel gamma ray recording of ShortP, MiddleP, LongP full spectrum, MeV0,1–8,0
Energy range of SNGK-Sh low-energy spectrum recording of ShortP, MiddleP, LongP, MeV0,1–0,8
Energy resolution of the 137Cs peak spectra, %Max. 15
Maximum operating pressure, MPa100
Maximum operating temperature, °С1500
Tool diameter, mm50
SGR unit length with top centralizer, mm  2000
MNK unit length (without centralizers), mmMax. 2500
LM-M-T unit length (with centralizers), mmMax. 3100
SGR unit weight with centralizers, kgMax. 15
MNK unit weight with centralizers, kgMax. 30
LM-M-T unit weight with centralizers, kgMax. 20
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