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Deep induction incline measurements


  • Determination of dip angles and azimuths of formations, stratification and fracturing of rocks, including directional-horizontalwells;
  • Oil and gas open holes


  • Deep radial depth (up to 0.5 m) of circular scanning of the near-wellbore space
  • High reliability of measurements of bedding elements, cracks and other planes of rocks anisotropy in both vertical and deviated horizontal wells;
  • Possibility to identify sub-vertical and vertical cracks, including those that do not intersect the wellbore, and determine coordinates of their spatial orientation in the near-wellbore space up to 1 m in diameter.


Range/measurement accuracy:
- formation dip, fractures dip
-formation azimuth, fractures azimuth
0÷90°/ less than 5°
0÷360°/ less than 5°
Formation conductivity range1.5÷700 mS x m
Mechanical specification
Temperature248 °F 
Pressure11603 psi
Tool length179”
Tool diameter2.56”
Tool weight77.2 lb
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