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EMDS-TM-42E Small electromagnetic defectoscope

is designed for defect detection and separate casing wall thickness measuring.

Features and Advantages

  • detection of defects (cracks, pipe break-off, corrosion intervals and mechanical wear zones, explosion perforation zones and filters, collar corrosion);
  • two inner pipes separate wall thickness measurement (after computer processing), without retrieving the internal pipe;
  • wellbore construction investigation: collars location within the internal pipes, depth referencing of all pipes, pads/packers/valves depth location, etc.

Wellbore diagram with all the defects, collars, pads (both two pipes); signal isoline diagram (prolonged
measurement time) is represented by the means of processing software.


Pipe outer diameter, mm62-340
Max. two pipes wall thickness25
Wall thickness measurements error, mm:
a single-pipe configuration
a multistring configuration

Minimum longitudinal crack length, mm:
-first inner pipe
-second pipe

1/9 of circumference
1/4 of circumference
1/6 of circumference
Temperature absolute error, °C1
Response threshold, °C0.01
GR intensity range, μR/h3-100
Internal diameter error, mm1
Max. hydrostatic pressure, MPa80, 100*
Max. operating temperature, °C120,150,175*
Cableone-core cable
Tool dimensions, mm
length (without centralizers)


*- depends on tool modification

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