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AGIP-K and AGIP-M Hydrodynamic Logging and Formation Testing Equipment



  • Oil and gas open holes


  •  Oil and gas open holes
  •  Oil and gas cased wells



Tool modular design enable to operate in two modes:

1. formation testing in one trip, taking one representative sample of fluid with a volume of 500 mL and measuring reservoir pressure;    

2. hydrodynamic logging, involving multiple surveys (up to 40) of reservoir pressure;


- dual packer module, enabling to isolate the desired interval with two inflatable packers;

- optical fluid analyzer for separation of sampled fluids by its fractional composition;

- flow control module, flow rate monitoring during fluid sampling;

- pump-out module, providing fluid sampling out of formation and pumping it out into borehole;

- multisampler module, containing six chambers to take representative fluid samples for PVT-analysis;

- crystal quartz and piezometric pressure gauges – to measure reservoir and hydrostatic pressure;

- single-probe module, the probe being designed as side-wall pad

- multi-probe module, multiple probes being designed as side-wall pads, containing drawdown probe and two logging pressure probes: horizontal and vertical


  • Easy operation
  • Possibility to operate with any logging system produced in Russia
  • At the start of well stimulation, the maximum drawdown enables to recover residual fluid from the near zone of formation, which stay immobile in well operation, and further to evaluate reservoir saturation behavior based on it
  • Lifting of oil and gas samples to surface in a sampler
  • Cost of equipment and downhole services are 10-100 times less than similar foreign services

Technical Specifications

Measured pressure range
0,1–80 МPa/ 14.5-1600 psi
0,2 % of whole scale
700 Pа/ 100 psi
Temperature range5–120 °С/ 41-248 °F
Standard volumes to determine the rate of fluid loss in GDС mode (hydrodynamic control) 0.01; 0.1; 0.45;0.2 Liter
Formation samples volume in FT mode (formation testing) depending on number of pipes (n) screwed in a sampler7 x n L
Initial applied bottomhole pressure for inflow stimulation from reservoir0,1 МPa/ 0.1 psi
Number of tests per trip in GDC mode
- when filling two sampling chambers
- when filling a small sampling chamber

no less than 30
up to 40
Hole size140–280  mm/ 5.51-11 in
Tool lengthup to 6150  mm/ 242 in
Tool diameter100±5 mm/ 3.94±0.2 in
Tool weightup to 224 kg/ 533.5 lbs
Contamination control of a sampleResistivity and optical fluid analyzer
Inflow pressure in fractions of hydrostatic pressure when sampling chambers are filled:  
small chamber
1st chamber
2nd chamber
- 3rd chamber

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