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LM-GK-43 Module of collar locators with gamma-ray logging channels

is designed for location of tubing coupling positions, of casing and other magnetic signatures in the pipe string, as well as for positioning of geophysical results according to integrated gamma-ray logging.


Signal ratio on the coupling to the signal from leave out part of column at 400 m/h logging speed, min.5:1
Measurement range of voltage stabilization, mcR/h5-500
Maximum permissible main relative measurement error (exposure rate), %10
Tool supply voltage (voltage stabilization), V55-65
Power consumption, Wup to 50
Current consumption, milliampereup to 80
Maximal operating temperature, °C120/150
Maximal hydrostatic pressure, MPa100
Downhole tool dimensions, mm:

Weight, kgup to 15

The logging tool is to be run with VULCAN V3 log recorder with one-core or three-core cable.

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