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MID-SK-100 Scanning magnetic-pulse defectoscope-caliper


Application MID-SK-100 defectoscope allows to investigate one (central) column, indicating defects and
corrosion zones, quantitative diagrams or tables of column thickness in a circumferential direction in
millimeters, and also allows to divide column defects into sectors.

Apparatus configuration

  • high-sensitive thermometer to register temperature along a borehole while defectograms recording for emphasizing perforation zones and through holes in the column after changes of thermogramms caused by liquid and gas crossflows;
  • gamma ray logging (GK) module for defect data referencing to geological horizon.

Application field

The tool is used for gas/oil and gas and other well prospecting with casing diameter up to 184 mm/internal diameter from 110 mm/casing thickness up to 12 mm.


Number of scanning channels12
Format of data transferManchester-2
Wireline baud rate, Mbaud1/48
Type of logging cablearmoured, any core-number
Pipes number2
Maximum outer diameter of 2 pipes, mm245
Minimum pipe thickness, mm3
Maximum thickness of single pipe, mm16
Minimum length of fracture along pipe axis, mm20
Minimum hole diameter, mm20
Minimum length of cross fractur50
Maximum downhole pressure, MPa100
Maximum operating temperature, °С120, 150
Maximum operating pressure for downhole part, MPa100
Downhole tool dimensions, mm

Weight, kg23
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