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MID-SK-GK (MID-Gazprom scanner) scanning wireline magnetic-pulse defectoscope and thickness measuring tool with GK modul

is designed to control technical condition of steel tubing and pump and compressor string in unkilled gas and oil wells of single-column and columned constructions, perforation interval specification.

Features and Advantages

  • the possibility of two pipes defectoscopy and thickness gauging performance with pipe wall thickness change value and their transverse and longitudinal defects*;
  • the possibility of columned well construction determination (up to 4 pipes);
  • high-sensitive thermometer and GK presence for according to depth.

Apparatus composition

  • digital downhole tool with two centering devices, surface interface block with power supply, software, control and monitoring station;
  • operates with computer of Notebook type (mobile variant) or in the composition of any software-controlled logging station.


Pipe maximum diameter, mm324
Thermometer resolution, °С0.01
Thermometer time constant, sec0.5
A single-pipe wall thickness measurement error, mm:
for single pipes 2.5"
for single pipes 5”

Through-tubing casing 5" wall thickness measurement error, mm 5”0.7
Minimum length of a “crack”-type detectable
defect along the pipe axis, mm:
for single pipes 2.5"
for single pipes 5"
for casing pipes 5" through-tubing measurement

Minimum length of a “transversal crack”-type
detectable defect

1/6 of the perimeter
Maximum operating temperature, °C120 (150)
Maximum operating pressure, MPa100 (120)
Downhole dimensions, mm:
length (including centralizers and GR module)

Weight, kg9

*high radial and azimuthal resolution

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