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OPS Drilling perforator deflecting tool


  • use of drilling perforators to improve the quality of perforation in difficult geological and technical conditions and to make temporary holes in casing for workover operations in wells;
  • moving of drilling perforator around vertical axis by on constrain angle within the interval layer;
  • using as a part of drilling core samplers to study the technical condition of long-term operated wells


  • possibility of creation by drilling perforators a well strainer drilling-out with the given system of arrangement of perforation tunnels contributing to achievement of high hydrodynamic perfection;
  • possibility of shockless creation of temporary holes in the opening plane for pumping grouting mixture into the annular space for workover operations in multi-column well structures;
  • Provide casing and cement sampling at areas of eccentric position of casing in the borehole by drilling core samplers


Diameter, mm80
Length, mm302
The number of transit ledges, pcs3; 7
Maximum operating temperature, °С150
Maximum operating pressure, MPa80
Fixed angular displacement value, gon90; 180; 270
Weight, kg7,0
Lower docking deviceНК60
Upper docking deviceНК60
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