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PGM-36-300-A  Computer-Controlled Self-Contained Depth Sampling Tools


  • Oil and gas wells
  • Sealed sampling


  • After sampling is completed and the sampler is tripped out, the recorded data on borehole pressure and temperature during  RIH/POOH, sampling is read out and visualized on laptop. This information is used to evaluate the quality of sampler operation and control the sampling process as a whole.  
  • Sampling is performed into a sealed container in a static position of the sampler in the borehole using a swabbing method that prevents sample degassing (suction-sampler).
  • The sampler is delivered to the depth of interest on a slickline; the time of activation is program-set just before RIH of the tool


Along with the realized possibility of taking a deep sealed sample, the sampler tool has the ability long term operation and make recordings at the point of pressure build-up (level build-up), temperature build-up for the period of three to 30 days, including the time of sampling.


Sampler size36 mm/ 1.42 in
Volume of sample300 mL
Max.temperature120 °С/ 248  °F
PressureUp to 60 MPa/ 8702 psi
Sampler length                                2400 mm/ 94.5 in
Weight11 kg/ 24.25 lb
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