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PGM-36-300-Azot Memory Borehole Sampling Tool


Oil and gas wells+


  • Method of sampling: into a sealed container in a static position of the sampler in the borehole using a swabbing method that prevents sample degassing (suction -sampler) by overpressure generated by compressed nitrogen.
  • After sampling is completed and the sampler is tripped out, the recorded data on borehole pressure and temperature during RIH/POOH, sampling is read out and visualized on laptop. This information is used to evaluate the quality of sampler operation and control the sampling process as a whole.


Along with the realized possibility of taking a deep sealed sample, the sampler tool has the ability long term operation and make recordings at the point of pressure build-up (level build-up), temperature build-up for the period of three to 30 days, including the time of sampling.


Sampler size, mm36
Volume of sample, mL300
Max. temperature, ºС120
Pressure, MPaup to 60
Pressure and temperature controlyes

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