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PKS-112 drilling perforator-core extractor

is designed for investigation of borehole set condition by means of casing and cement stone sampling in oil and gas boreholes, and also for creation of holes of large diameter in casings for plug-back mixture topping-up in annular space during isolation squeeze.


Well diameter, mm140-168
Max depth of core sampling, m4500
Diameter of drilled out sample, mm20
Diameter of casing hole, mm31
Bore emission, mmup to 45
Time of sample drilling-out, min12-20
Maximum number of cores, sampled for one round-trip, pcsup to 5
Power-supply, W380
Max. operating pressure, MPa80
Max. operating downhole temperature, °C150
Instrument dimensions, mm:

Downhole tool weight, kg:85

The tool is acceptable to use in complex with MYO-1 angular orientation module for creation of some holes along the casing.

PKS-112 drilling perforator-core extractor is worked out for exploitation with logging laboratory and hoist, equipped by three- or seven-core cable.

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