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SNGK-Sh-2 Digital Spectral Neutron Wide-range Gamma-ray logging tool

is designed to register energy spectrum gamma-ray radiation, forming:

  • from natural radioactive elements;
  • during neutron deceleration and absorption process from sealed radionuclide source and high-
    energy gamma-radiation dissipation.

Registered information can be used for:

  • determination natural radioactive elements (U, Th, K) concentration;
  • determination clay mineral assembledge;
  • determination fluid content;
  • lithological breaking-up of well cross-section;
  • estimatation of elements concentration (Cl, H, Si, Ca, Fe, Mn, Ni, Co,etc.), anomalously absorbing thermal neutrons;
  • dissepating and absorptive neutron and gamma-ray rock parameters and its ratios.

Features and Advantages

  • register gamma-ray logging in energy wide range, increasing SNGK methodic possibility;
  • SNGK-Sh/GK-S/NAK-S methods' performance during the single trip;
  • the tool is a triple-sonde module with three multichannel energy spectrometers for full gamma-spectra radiation.


Gamma-quantum measurements range, MeV:
GK spectrum
SNGK-Sh spectrum

Energy resolution, %up to 12
Energy scale instability, %up to 1
Spectrometric track dead-time, microsec4
Maximum cable length, mm5000
Maximum pressure, MPa100*
Operating temperature range, °Сот -5 до +120
Tool dimensions, mm:

Weight, kg55; 85*
*depends on housing material

Delivery in complete set: downhole tool, interface unit, technological software, maintenance tool, spare parts and accessories, certificate, operating manual.

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