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SNGK-Sh Digital Gamma-ray gross-count spectral logging tool

is designed for reservoir saturation nature determination, lithological profiling, abnormal thermal neutrons absorbent estimation (Cl, H, Si, Ca, Fe, Mn, Ni, Co, et al.), estimation of scattering, absorbing neutron and gamma-ray parameters as well as their ratio.

Registered information can be used for:

  • reservoir saturation character determination;
  • downhole cross-section lithological breakdown;
  • element content estimations, which anomalously absorb thermal neutrons (Cl, H, Si, Ca, Fe, Mn, Ni, Co and others);
  • estimations of dissipative and absorptive neutrons and gamma-radial parameters in rock and their correlation.

Features and advantages:

  • registrate gamma-radiation in wide energy range, increasing SNGK methodical possibilities;
  • the tool is made in the form of digital two sonde module, which contains two multichannel energy spectrometers.


Gamma-quantum measurements range, MeV0.10÷8.0
Energy resolution, %up to 12
Integral nonlinearity of spectrum energy scale , %up to ±3
Energy scale instability, %up to 1
Spectrometric track dead-time, microsec4
Maximum cable length, mm5000
Maximum pressure, MPa60
Operating temperature range, °С-5 ÷ +120
Tool dimensions, mm:
length (without centralizers)
length (with centralizers)

up to 1650
up to 3000
Weight (without centralizers), kgup to 12
Weight (with centralizers), kgup to 21

Delivery in complete set: downhole tool, interface unit, technological software, maintenance tool, spare parts and accessories, certificate, operating manual.

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