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SPAK-6D Downhole sonic log tool

is designed for investigation of cased- and open-hole sections by kinematic and dynamic parameters of compressional, shear and Lamb-Stonely waves.

Features and Advantages

  • effective arrival segregation for different waves propagating in a borehole;
  • improved accuracy of kinematic and dynamic parameter determination of compressional, shear and Lamb-Stonely waves;
  • tool conveyance to the investigation interval through the drill pipe (inner diameter 90 mm);
  • fast tool demounting for easy transportation.


Sonde formulaT 3.2 R1 0.5 R2
Max.operating temperature, oC120
Max.hydrostatic pressure, MPa80
Borehole diameters, mm100-300
Downhole tool dimensions, mm:
diameter (without centralizers)

up to 5500
Weight, kgup to 80
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