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SPRK and SPRK-M Digital radioactive spectral logging tool

is designed for lithology determination, reservoir identification, porosity coefficient determination, oil and gas saturation determination through chlorine and boron content measurement.

Features and advantages

  • performed on modern scientific-and-technological level and realize all rock geological parameters estimation technologies on the base of stationary neutron sources;
  • provide 2NNKT , NGK-60 and SNGK (SPRK) and SGK (SPRK-M) methods performance during one single trip;
  • equipped with the standard sondes NNK, NGK and spectrometric NGK sonde.


NNK sonde22
SNGK-Cl sonde11
SGK sonde1
Maximum operating pressure, MPa6060
Maximum operating temperature, °C120120
Tool diameter, mm4590
Weight, kg1570

Complete set delivery: downhole tool, interface unit, technology software, spare
parts and accessories, certificate, operating manual.

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