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TRGK Digital well resistivity tool, temperature and gamma ray logging

is designed for measurement of temperature, electrical conductivity of borehole fluid and formations integrated gamma activity for lithology differentiation, delination of intervals of elevated concentration of naturally radioactive elements.

TRGK downhole tool is designed to work with any digital log recorders.


Range of temperature measurement, °C0 ÷ +120
Electrical conductivity of borehole fluid measurement range, Sm/m0.05 ÷ 20
Measurement range of exposure rate of natural gamma radiation, μR/h1 ÷ 100
Relative measurement error of temperature, %, up to2
Relative measurement error of electrical conductivity, %, up to5
Relative measurement error of exposure rate, %, up to15
Operating temperature range, °С70 ÷ 120
Maximum hydrostatic pressure, MPa25 ÷ 60
Downhole tool dimensions, mm:

Weight of downhole tool, kg, up to8

Supply set

  • downhole tool,
  • technology and applied software.
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