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TsSP-2IMKS-73 Digital Logging Tool of Pulsed Multichannel Spectrometry


  • Oil and gas wells;
  • Open hole/ Cased hole
  • Flowing or killed well;
  • Borehole filling- gas/water/oil


Multi-parameter studies provided in one trip:

  • Spectral pulsed neutron gamma-ray log (C/O)
  • Pulsed neutron gamma-ray log (SIGMA)
  • Spectral gamma-ray log for elemental concentrations K, U, Th.

Accurate calculation of fractional contribution of each chemical element in the rock, obtained through the use of:

  • effective mathematical method for pulse separation when recording, reducing the number of miscalculations;
  • efficient LaBr3-based detectors with high spectral resolution and low temperature drift over a wide range of frequencies;
  • a variable-frequency neutron generator, in order to avoid overlapping of recorded spectra.

Interpretation methods, taking into account the near zone (casing string, cement ring, paraffins, wellbore crossflows) by the ratio of short and long probes of INGK-S


Logging speed, m/h50–70
OutputWater-saturated porosity, weight concentrations
of elements by spectra of inelastic
gamma-ray spectrometry, neutron capture
gamma-ray spectrometry, Spectral GR, oil/gas saturation of beds
Energy resolution of spectrometers at the peak 137Cs, %5
Relative accuracy of So, %8
Range of water-saturated porosity, %1–40
Number of recording spectra / number of channels in a spectrum7/1024
Temperature rating, °С 120
Pressure rating, Mpa80
Tool length, mm3200
Tool size, mm75
Tool weight, kg40
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