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Tying module for drilling perforators and core samplers


  • Tying drilling perforator and core sampler to depths during perforation and rock sampling from cased and open borehole walls;
  • casing metal and cement stone sampling using drilling core samplers in cased wells;
  • Perforation of pay beds of cased holes with PS-112 and PGSP drilling perforators.


  • reducing the time to minimize well downtime for coring and perforating operations
  • accurate installation of the equipment in the borehole, especially when rocks sampling and drilling perforations in formations representing a thinly layered alternation of permeable consolidated interlayers;
  • tool modular design simplifies and facilitates repair work and transportation


Maximum operating pressure, MPa100
Maximum borehole temperature, °С-10-+150
Measurement range of voltage stabilization, mcR/h10
Signal ratio on the coupling to the signal from leave out part of column at 400 m/h logging speed, min. 5:1
Supply volting, (voltage stabilization), В150
Сurrent consumption, milliampereup to 50
Borehole tool overall dimensions, mm: diameter/length112/1700
Weight, kg85

It is to be ran with three core or seven core geophysical cable of up to 5000 m length with the NKBZ-60 cable lug according to GOST standart.

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