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TzSP-2INGK-43M* Digital dual pulsed neutron-neutron logging tool

is designed for rock neutron parameters detection, oil/gas saturation estimation after some neutron lifetime (effective capture cross section Σa) and water-saturated porosity coefficient determination (water content).


Unlike the pulsed neutron gamma-ray logging tool TzSP-2INGK-43M is effective for enhanced gamma-ray registration in fiberglass well system.

TzSP-2INGK-43M and TzSP-2INNK-43 can be combined with a collar locator with the LM-GK-43 channel.


Thermal neutron lifetime measurement range τ, microsec50 ÷ 1000
Thermal neutron lifetime measurement relative error τ, %±2
Water-filled porosity measurement range, %1 ÷ 40
Neutron generator typeING-10-20-120, ING-10-20-150
Quantity/Time channel width, microsec2×64 / 40
Downhole tool supply voltage, V150
Power consumption, Wup to 50
Probe length, mm300, 600
Telemetry systemManchester-2
Data rate, kbaud20
Maximum operating temperature, °С120/150
Maximal operating pressure, MPa120
Downhole tool dimensions, mm:

Weight, kgup to 25

TzSP-2INNK-43 logging tool is to be run with GECTOR, VULCAN V3 and KEDR log recorder with one-core or three-core cable.

*The apparatus is certificated.

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