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TzSP-C/O-90* Downhole digital carbon-oxygen logging tool

is designed for quick oil saturation estimating and rock ultimate composition due to multichannel registration of inelastic scattering/radiative capture energy spectra but also due to recording an additional time spectrum of induced gamma-ray integral flux within fast neutron pulses interval.

For quantity reduction of round-trip operations and simultaneous recording of several parameters, TzSP-O/C-90 tool can be produced as an integrated tool with the TzSP-GK-S-90 digital downhole gamma-ray spectrometry tool (100 mm diameter in complex) and also be completed with a thermometry channel.

Downhole tool is to be run with the log recorder Hector, Vulcan V3 and with tree-core cable.

*The TzSP-C/O-90 tool is certified

Features and Advantages

  • simultaneously-consecutive registration of 3 energy spectrums according to 512 quantization signal levels according to amplitude and summary gamma-radiation temporal spectrum according to 50 channels;
  • the use of high-frequency impulsive (10 khz) fast neutron ING-06 radiator of increased power (more 108 n/sec) and operation resource more 200 hours;
  • technological program package for measurements process control and application program package for primary C/O logging data processing

Application field

Estimation of oil-and-gas saturation coefficient on value of the relative amplitude of C/O and Ca/Si anomalies taking into account layers lithology, neutron and effective porosity of the investigated collectors.

Measurement of inelastic scattering gamma-ray, radiation capture gamma-ray and epithermal neutron spacetime and energy distributions provides the principle conditions for calculating of partial contributions from the basic oil-, water- and rock-forming element nuclei (C, O, H, Si, Ca, Fe, Cl, etc.) as well as for calculating different relations associated by the correlation dependences with the filtration-capacity parameters, rock lithology and fluids (oil, water) which saturates them.


Terrigenous reservoir oil saturation KH measurements range, %10-100
Basic relative error limits of KH measurements under normal conditions, %±7
Scintillation detector BGO (bismuth germanate) size, mm50x150;
50x120; 50x100
Cs-137 line resolution, %up to 12
Neutron generation frequency, kHz10
Tool power supply, V200
Time analyzer bandwidth, microsec2.0
Width of the window time analyzer, ms2
Number of registratable energy spectrum and channels in the spectrum3x512
Number of registratable time spectrum and channels in the spectrum1x50
«Dead» time of measuring channel, ms, up toup to 3
Data transmission rate (through logging cable), kbaud42
Tool retrieving speed, m/h50-70
Max. operational temperature, °C120
Max. hydrostatic pressure, MPa60
Tool dimensions, mm:
- diameter
- length

Weight, kg50
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