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Designed for direct determination of uranium content in wells at hydrogen-type uranium deposits by fission neutron logging and gamma-ray logging methods.

The use of the equipment is regulated by the "Fission neutron logging instruction for the study of hydrogen deposits” / Comp. G.I. Ganichev, V.A. Zolotnitsky, A.P. Koshelev et al. - L.: NPO "Rudgeofizika", 1986. The downhole tool is to be run with VULCAN V3 log recorder or similar.

Operates with one-core or three-core logging cable.


Range of measurement of uranium content, %0,005-5
Range of measurement of prompt fission neutrons, n/s0-6х104
Range of measurement of water-saturated porosity, %0-40
Thermal neutron lifetime measurement range, μs50-2500
Measurement range of neutron yield from a pulsed neutron generator, n / s2х107 – 2х109
Uranium content measurement error, %10
The error in measuring the lifetime of thermal neutrons, %2
The error in measuring the neutron yield from a pulsed neutron generator, %2
Uranium detection threshold, %0,003
Range of gamma radiation exposure dose rate, μR / h5-10000
The relative error of measuring the exposure dose rate of gamma radiation, %10
Conversion factor115±3
«Dead time» of the recording path, μs3
Downhole tool supply voltage, V150
Maximum logging speed, m / h40-60
Maximum operating temperature, °С80
Maximum hydrostatic pressure, MPa20
Length, mm3200
Diameter, mm53-62
Weight, kg20
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