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TzSP-LPK-76/90 Digital downhole compensated lytho-density logging tool

is designed for bulk density quantification and rock formation effective atomic number determination within oil/gas open holes.

  • it is to be run with a logging station equipped with digital recorder “Vulkan” and others, to provide recording and storing downhole data in a digital code “Manchester-2”
  • processing method provides near-field effects compensation (mudcake thickness up to 20 mm) and referenceless source energy scale temporary variability accounting
  • density quantification and rock formation effective atomic number determination provide rock lithology determination according for 3- component model
  • the equipment has a field calibrator for bulk density and effective atomic number


Rock bulk density range ρ, g/cm31÷3
Effective atomic number range Za, atomic unit10-18
Density basic relative error limits, %±1.2
Effective atomic number basic relative error limits, %±2
Compensation range for mudcake effects
(mudcake density up to 1.8 g/cm3), mm

Downstream amplitude impulse, V1-10
Power supply, V50-75
Power consumption, W40
Maximum operating temperature, °C80, 120, 150
Maximum hydrostatic pressure, MPa60
Dimensions, mm:

Weigth, kgup to 60/70

Downhole tool can be run with three-core logging cable.

Delivery set

downhole tool, technological and applied software

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