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  • During oil and gas well cementing in zones of inconsistent bridging, caverns, casing eccentricity  


The widely-recognized technology in the construction industry. Wireline electromechanical shaker provides optimal filling of annular space with cement slurry due to vibration effect on annular space and mechanical effect of tool housing on the inner surface of casing, as well as cement consolidation thus improving the quality of formation isolation in oil and gas wells. The results are:     

  • Before cement squeezing, flow properties of flushing fluid are recovered enabling to ensure its most complete replacement with cement slurry  
  • During cement squeezing operation improvement of annular placement with slurry ensures high quality of formation isolation
  • Near wellbore effect: increasing intake capacity of injection well and efficiency of production well 
  • In open holes structural-mechanical properties of clay, polymer-clay muds are recovered before core sampling and hydrodynamic logging


Treatment timedepends on the time of cement consolidation
Frequency of influence on cement200 Hz
Drilling mud limitationsno
Temperature120 °С/ 248 °F
Pressure80 MPa/ 11603 psi
Borehole size190–300 mm/ 7.48-11.81 in
Casing size140–325 mm/ 5.51-12.8 in 
Tool length2050 mm/ 80.7 in
Tool diameter112 mm/ 4.41 in
Tool weight85 kg/ 187.4 lb
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